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Despites the ongoing attacks from Russia we managed to get a PRO stack for our organisation. 

A dedicated team managed to secure a spot at MAIN Division.
Next stop - Advanced!



As an Ukrainian based organisation we feel it's our duty to support also ambitious young eSports enterpreneurs.
Therefore we decided to sponsor the Ukrainian Starcraft Cup organised by SNIPER with a total pot of 500€.

We wish all participants good luck!


Back To Back Silver EPL S2

Kyiv August, 23rd 2022

In the second season of Euroepan Pro League our team managed to repeat previous season success and securing not only Silver but also 5000$ price money

sven dota 2 by zarrad on DeviantArt.jfif

Kyiv July 24th 2022


Our Dota2 team performed extremely well on this years open qualifier for ESL Malaysia. 

After a hard game against team "Mind Games" and a solid performance against "F1" our team was only stopped by the new DPC Division 1 member Nemiga Gaming. 

Although we missed the finals we are looking confident into the future having such an amazing team setup.

Hot Headed goes
Dreamhack Valencia

Kyiv July 3rd 2022

We at Hot Headed Gaming are extremely proud that we could enable our top tier player Nightphoenix to participate on this years Dreamhack Valencia.

Nightphoenix made an incredible great performance especially after being on the road for more than 30 hours due to the war in our home country.

As the competition moved on and the last games were played at midnight our top player had to fight not only against a great opponent but furthermore against Mr. Sandman himself.

We congratulate our one & only Nightphoenix for this great performance and reaching the Top40 of this years Dreamhack Valencia


"It was an amazing opportunity to connect & exchange"


Silver @ EPL

Kyiv June 30th 2022

Our Dota2 team fought a great fight and secured Silver medal on the first ever European Pro League

sven dota 2 by zarrad on DeviantArt.jfif

Welcome to
Hot Headed Gaming

Kyiv May 20th 2022

We are extremely proud to announce that NightPhoenix, formerly knows as SlyCrab is joining Hot Headed Gaming.


NightPhoenix is one of the most promising talents within European Starcraft 2 scene.

We are looking forward for some great matches of him representing the colours of Hot Headed Gaming


Make sure to subscribe to our Instagram channel to stay tuned on any upcoming matches of NightPhoenix.



Kyiv May 1st 2022

After a first successfull participation in Season 40 with a positive 8:6 balance our team is again participating in the new Season 41.

We are especially proud of our team as it manages to focus even in this challenging times

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Art Print by Curnee.png
CSGO Servers Down – Gamers in distress.jfif


Kyiv January 26th 2022

Our newly joined CS:GO team will participate on this season ESEA Open qualifiers season 40.

We are convinced that we will be able to climb fastly into Premier division which will allow our team to participate on the ESL PRO tour in near future

Check out the link down below for further information


HOT placed 3rd

Kyiv January 17th 2022

Our successfull Dota2 roster attended last week Lidomacom hosted tournament and managed to reach the third place after being defeated by the future tournamentwinner within the semi-finals.

We are excited for the upcoming challanges knowing the potential of our roster and their capabilities.

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